The 13 most beautiful places near Bathurst you should visit

In its early years of settlement Bathurst was actually a base for many of Australia’s first explorers. So it is quite apt that you are looking to use it as your point of origin.

As you set out on your exploration of Bathurst’s surrounds, you will be walking in the footsteps of George Evans (the first European to cross the Great Dividing Range), John Oxley (who discovered the Liverpool Plains and a number of well-known rivers), Allan Cunningham (famed English botanist), and Thomas Mitchell (The General Surveyor of the colony).

Now let us help you become an explorer.

1. Abercrombie Caves

Need a quick nature escape? The grounds at Abercrombie Caves are historical, scenic and functional. After a short walk through the caves, and a refreshing swim, you can appreciate all the amenities the site has to offer. BBQ facilities ✓ Picnic Tables ✓ Toilets ✓ Drinking Water ✓. Once the haunt of bushrangers, it is now just the haunt of a great day out.

Read more about Abercrombie Caves here.
Time from Bathurst: 55 minutes
Perfect for: Families and Adventurers

2. Millthorpe

Step back in time to a living museum. Millthorpe is a lovingly preserved 19th-century village which offers great food, wine, galleries, antiques, boutique shopping and historic buildings.

Time from Bathurst: 32 minutes

Perfect for: Families and hedonist

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3. Mayfield Garden

A European garden in the Australian bush will enchant you. Mayfield Garden is 6 acres of inspired garden design which includes sculpture and water features. A paddock to plate menu is on offer at the café.

Time from Bathurst: 44 minutes

Perfect for: Families and those who appreciate gardens.

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4. Hill End

NSW’s best kept secret. Discover some of Australia’s history or even find some gold!

Once a thriving gold mining centre, Hill End is now a monument to a lifestyle now gone.

Leading Australian artists were lured by the aura of the historic landscape and the newest talented Australian artists are following in their footsteps.

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Time from Bathurst: 1.25 hours via Sofala or 1.10 hours via Turondale.

Perfect for: Families, history buffs, and lovers of Australian art.

5. Sofala

Australia’s oldest surviving gold town. Steeped in history, Sofala remains as a reminder of the wealth created by the Gold Rush in Australia in the late 19th century. Take an historic walking tour or try your luck panning for gold.

Time from Bathurst: 40 minutes

Perfect for: Families, history buffs.

6. Rockley

A National Trust listed Historic Village.

A pretty village set in rolling hills. Rockley is home to artists and is a reminder of a less hurried time in history. Toilets ✓ Water ✓  BBQ ✓.

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Time from Bathurst: 35 minutes

Perfect for: Families

7. Flat Rock

Revive your senses. Get back in touch with nature.

Situated a short drive from Bathurst Flat Rock is a picturesque picnic spot with swimming holes in the shallow creek. Pack a simple lunch with a local wine and picnic blanket and enjoy the great outdoors.

Relax, walk, or wet a line. Toilets ✓Picnic area ✓ Dogs allowed ✓.

Distance from Bathurst: 20 minutes

Perfect for: Families, bush walkers, fishing enthusiasts.

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8. Macquarie Woods

Fill your lungs with the fresh air within Macquarie Woods

Sometimes you just need to engage with nature to re ground yourself. Macquarie Woods is set within a pine forest where you can hunt for mushrooms and berries in season, go on a bushwalk or lie on a rug and unwind.

Toilets, BBQ, water, pets allowed.

Distance from Bathurst: 20 minutes

Perfect for: Families

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9. Abercrombie House

Beautifully preserved Victorian Tudor-style architecture.

Abercrombie House is on the National Trust Register  and is a fine example of the style. It is opened at weekends for guided tours and is the venue for public concerts and cultural events.

Time from Bathurst: 10 minutes

Perfect for: Families and history buffs.

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10. Chifley Dam

Relax on the water.

Chifley Dam offers recreational water opportunities near Bathurst. Fishing, boating and camping facilities are provided as well as cabins for hire.  Toilets ✓ Water ✓ BBQ ✓.

Time from Bathurst: 20 minutes

Perfect for: Families, and fishing enthusiasts

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11. Kanangra Boyd National Park

Connect with the Australian bush in a rugged wilderness. Kanangra Boyd National Park provides opportunities for self-reliant recreation in a beautiful and challenging landscape.

Time from Bathurst: 1 hr via O’Connell

Perfect for: Bush walkers

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12. Canowindra Age of Fishes Museum

A unique window in time. The Age of Fishes Museum offers an insight into life on earth360 million years ago. Fossil remains of fish from the Late Devonian Period are on view.

Time from Bathurst: 1hr 20 minutes

Perfect for: Families, lovers of the earth’s history.

13. Japanese Gardens Cowra

A peaceful and beautiful place. The Japanese Gardens at Cowra offer 5 acres of gardens and lakes which celebrate the seasons and remind us of our recent history.

Time from Bathurst: 1hr 15 minutes

Perfect for: Families, garden lovers and history buffs.

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